[RFC] V2 Open questions (financial perspective)

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We have a V2 launch coming up soon, and we need to ensure that we have all financial aspects covered. The market could be in our favor, but as we discussed before, we should be proactive. Here is my list of open questions for the upcoming V2 launch from both financial, Ops, and Growth perspectives. Feel free to add your questions; the aim is to keep this as a record of things we should consider.

Open questions:

  • Protocol-Owned-Liquidity
    • Single-sided vs. bonding vs. PALM vs. Tokemak V2 etc.
  • HOP Valuation
    • What would be the parameters of the floor price, etc.? ( For valuation I would suggest a competitors analysis combined with a secondary market sentiment analysis)
  • Treasury
    • Circulation, payments, principles, diversification (Will create another Temp Check following this post to gather feedback)
  • Risk management
    • Liquidity risk, eg. stablecoin reserves, HOP volatility etc.
    • Market risk
    • Governance risks, eg. Governance attacks
  • Growth
    • Do we plan to have grant programs or any other incentives?
  • Token Utility
    • How do we ensure we have enough intrinsic value to hold and use HOP?
    • What would be the tokenomics?

Next Steps

  1. Define a rough timeline for the V2 launch so we can prepare accordingly
  2. POL research: @fourpoops is rocking with his proposal. I would love to double down on it and create a comparison between different options as part of a larger Risk Management initiative (plan to post it this week)
  3. I strongly encourage the community to start discussions on Growth and Token Utility
  4. Treasury and risk management setup
  5. Fast Head of DAO nomination. I think this volume of work shouldn’t be on the devs’ shoulders but rather on one person who can handle these aspects

I have created a working file where I am already preparing the research on all topics covered here. Feel free to comment and participate!