[Request for comment] Deploy a HOP bridge on Arbitrum Nova


Our team has appreciated the continual support from the Hop community for Arbitrum One! We wanted to reach out to see if Hop would be interested in supporting Nova bridging when we launch the chain.


We would like Hop to support fast bridging between Nova and Arbitrum One.

On Nova launch, Arbitrum will maintain a bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum Nova. Yet, we would like to direct users to Hop and others for bridging between Arbitrum One and Nova for a seamless experience independent of L1 bridging.

About Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova, a new chain powered by Arbitrum’s AnyTrust technology, is now live on mainnet. While Arbitrum One, the Arbitrum rollup chain is already up to 97% cheaper than Ethereum for many transaction types, Nova will have significantly lower transactions costs by utilizing a Data Availability Committee instead of posting all call data to Ethereum. This makes it perfect for gaming and social projects with cost-sensitive and/or high transaction volume use cases.

Our fair launch/whitelisting process has been taking place over the last couple weeks and we’ve seen some good interest and traction! The public rollout of Nova will happen in the coming weeks and the Offchain Labs team are now inviting developers to try the chain out in advance and ask any questions. For more information about AnyTrust technology please see the twitter thread below.


Nova sounds really innovative and addresses a market that full Ethereum rollups cannot at the moment. Given the Arbitrum team is behind it, I think it’s safe to say that Nova is likely to gain traction fast leading to more volume for Hop if it is integrated.

How should we think about the security of Nova when compared to Arbitrum One?


What amount of liquidity / users daily do you expect Arbitrum Nova will need in the week after launch?

Hey Luke from Arbitrum team here! :wave:

@cwhinfrey thanks for the support, we just launched Nova today and we are super excited! Here is some more info on our launch today!
It’s time for a new dawn, Nova is open to the public! | by Offchain Labs | Offchain Labs | Aug, 2022 | Medium

For more on the tradeoffs that are made between Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova, here is a helpful blogpost that we put out: Introducing AnyTrust Chains: Cheaper, Faster L2 Chains with Minimal Trust Assumptions | by Offchain Labs | Offchain Labs | Medium

The current members of the Data Availability Committee (“DAC”) are: Offchain Labs, Reddit, FTX, Consensys, Google Cloud and QuickNode. We will be looking to add more members over time to both the validator set and the DAC over time as the chain gets off the ground.

With Reddit launching their Community Points program on Arbitrum Nova we are hoping for a very strong ecosystem to form there, particularly for more cost-sensitive applications like social and gaming. Let us know if any further information would be helpful here!

@0xhoratius, we aren’t able to estimate those today, but I will say we are very excited to be partnered with Reddit! Arbitrum Nova will be home to Reddit’s community points system. Their $Moons community is already more than 160,000 addresses.