[Temperature Check] HIP 6: Deploy a HOP bridge on Arbitrum Nova

Hi all,

I’m pleased that this proposal has received generally positive feedback while in the RFC stage and has now moved forward to a snapshot temperature check

Previous RFC discussion thread: https://forum.hop.exchange/t/request-for-comment-deploy-a-hop-bridge-on-arbitrum-nova
Snapshot Proposal Link: Snapshot

The snapshot proposal is included below for reference:

This is a temperature check in line with current Hop governance process 2, intended to signal sentiment on this proposal which the result from gather feedback in the RFC phase over the past month.


Deploy a HOP bridge on Arbitrum Nova.


Our team has appreciated the continual support from the Hop community for Arbitrum One! We wanted to reach out to see if Hop would be interested in supporting Nova bridging when we launch the chain.


We would like Hop to deploy a bridge on Arbitrum Nova in order to support fast bridging.


On Nova launch, Arbitrum will maintain a bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum Nova. Yet, we would like to direct users to Hop and others for bridging between Arbitrum One and Nova for a seamless experience independent of L1 bridging.

About Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova, a new chain powered by Arbitrum’s AnyTrust technology, is now live on mainnet. While Arbitrum One, the Arbitrum rollup chain is already up to 97% cheaper than Ethereum for many transaction types, Nova has significantly lower transactions costs by utilizing a Data Availability Committee instead of posting all call data to Ethereum. This makes it perfect for gaming and social projects with cost-sensitive and/or high transaction volume use cases.


Yes - Deploy a HOP bridge

No - No action