Hop DAO Mult-Sig Nominations

In line with the Snapshot vote for Multi-Sig Operations, we call on the Hop DAO Community to apply to become a Multi-Sig Signer for the Hop DAO.

Salary: As an amendment to HIP-12, Multi-Sig Signer compensation will be $2,250 twice a year for = $4,500 * 5 = $22,500

Bringing the total cost to = $22,500

Gas Rebates: As ETH is spent to execute multisig transactions, we propose that each signer is reimbursed for the exact amount of gas spent during the 6-month term. To be eligible for a rebate, we propose that signers use a Google Sheet template to track gas costs. A dune dashboard or other data query can replace this. We further propose that gas rebates (but not full compensation), where reasonable, are extended to all Hop-related multisigs (e.g. Grants Program multisig).

Multi-Sig Signer Responsibilities
The Community Multisig exists for the Hop DAO to transact faster and with more flexibility than can the full governance timelock. However, the multi- sig’s purpose should be to reduce its role in the DAO as much as possible.

  • Each signer will be responsible for verifying transactions, checking Merkle roots, and signing off on transactions as necessary.
  • The signers will work together to manage the nomination and election process, with each signer taking on specific tasks to ensure the process runs smoothly.
  • The signers will also work together to manage the day-to-day operations of the multisig, including responding to questions from the community and ensuring that transactions are executed in a timely and efficient manner.

Nomination Requirements.
Applicants will indicate their interest in the role through a formal application by replying to this post and answering the questions below:

  • Who they are
  • Outlining their track record of reliability in previous roles
  • How they contribute to the Hop Ecosystem

This nomination process will run for seven days which puts the deadline for nominations on the 20th of June, after which a snapshot election will be held; after the election, the top 5 applicants will become the new Hop Multi-Sig Signers.

Goodluck everyone!

Hey, I’m rxpwnz, the community moderator lead for the Hop protocol. On a daily basis, I am involved in various activities for Hop, including Discord and Forum moderation, Hop Guild management, OpSec (taking down 150+ phishing sites impersonating Hop), managing POAPs for the community, creating partnership reports, and assisting with troubleshooting and improvements. I have been serving as a moderator for over 1.5 years.

I would like to nominate myself for the Multi-Sig Signer role as I am highly dedicated and available due to my commitment to Hop. Additionally, I possess DevOps skills that would contribute to the technical aspects of the Multi-Sig Signer role.


I would like to nominate myself as a multisig signer. I’m a good fit for the role for three reasons.

First, I’m a known member of the Hop community. With that comes accountability and a level of insight into the activities of the DAO. I also am personally invested in Hop financially and otherwise which aligns my incentives with its success.

Second, I have successfully done this work in my role as the Optimism and Arbitrum ambassador where I have reconfigured the Optimism ambassador multisig for the program and created the Arbitrum one from scratch to be ready to receive delegation. I know how important timing and coordination is to ensure other signers’ time isn’t wasted so the group can complete its tasks efficiently.

Lastly, I’m a technical builder. Having built Hop’s first grant project, I’m familiar with how blockchains and their infrastructure operate. While Safes can be straightforward, there are often complicating factors that make them difficult to use. I’ll use my understanding to work through these challenges when they arise.

In short, I’m a good fit for the multisig signer role because I’m known, accountable, committed to Hop’s success, experienced, efficient, and technical.


I’m francom, a early Hop LP, delegate since the DAO was formed, and ambassador for Hop on Arbitrum and Optimism. I have volunteered for Hop and am responsible for writing meeting minutes for the DAO’s community calls. I believe delegates and users need simplified up-to-date information on the DAO to stay involved and informed.

I am nominating myself for the multi-sig signer role because I am a dedicated Hop community member always looking to help however I can.

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Hey folks, as a tech professional with a focus on blockchain, and a long-time Hop user and liquidity provider, I believe I have the necessary skills and commitment to serve in this role.

My track record shows consistent participation in Hop governance and a dedication to the long-term success of Hop. As a multisig signer, I will ensure timely transaction execution, transparency, and strive for actions that bring value to our community.

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I’m happy to express my interest in the multi-sig signer role, a position that I think aligns with my values, skills, and contributions to our community.

As an Ethereum minimalist, L2 early adopter, and long-standing Hop community member, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the multi-chain ecosystem and various protocol designs. I’ve demonstrated my reliability in previous roles with efficient coordination and decision-making, cutting through bureaucratic slowness and ensuring timely execution (imo).

I’ve been actively involved in Hop’s governance, pushing forward stale RFCs and creating new ones, always ensuring we continue to innovate and improve efficiency. As a multi-sig signer, I’ll bring this proactive approach to swiftly and accurately act on multi-sig operations.

Guided by the principle of prioritizing long-term growth and value creation, I’m eager to contribute even more significantly to our collective success. I look forward to the possibility of serving the community in the role.

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As an active delegate, I am expressing my interest in becoming a Hop Multi-Sig signer.

My commitment to Hop has existed from its genesis, being the delegate with the most voting power at the start and first subsequent several months. I have also actively been involved in governance, weighing proposals and posting and voting them in Snapshot and Tally.

My availability and readiness to sign petitions and attend to matters related to Multi Sig responsibilities is also high, something I believe is of importance in this circumstance.

Thanks for your consideration!

For discussion:

I am inclined to support the role of Lead Signer, where someone has further responsibilities and also further compensation than the rest. This is not something I would nominate myself for; but I believe that it would probably be better for general accountability and fast action.

It is my understanding that we have already discussed this elsewhere in the forums and Hop community calls. Given that we already had a Lead Signer in the past (dybsy), the new dynamic proposed on this forum thread could be useful to see what works better in the context of the Hop community. We can keep it in mind and revisit the need for this position when the period expires and elections are in order again, if needed.

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Difficult elections as there is many good candidates.

I voted for @max-andrew, @fourpoops and @olimpio as they are the people I have personally interacted with a bit in Hop governance and seem to be capable of getting things done.

Voted 70% for max, and 15/15 for the rest only due to max being, at the time of my vote the lowest voted for candidate.

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