Francom Delegate Communication Thread

Temperature Check HIP 0: Mission Statement & Success Framework

Recommendation Vote: Yes. This framework emphasizes Hop’s core values (security, trustlessness, and community ownership) and will help guide community decision making.

Temperature Check HIP 1: Deploy a HOP Bridge

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Since HOP’s token is new, it is important to increase the tokens availability to further decentralize governance.

Temperature Check HIP 2: Explore Private Sale Legal Options

Recommendation Vote: Yes. This proposal is to pre-authorize the Hop Foundation to perform this kind of activity without a vote in the future. I believe its an efficient way for the Hop Foundation to secure funding over the medium term.

Temperature Check HIP 3: Hop Governance Incentives

Recommendation Vote: Yes. This proposal incentivizes high quality proposals which are imperative for the long term growth and sustainability of the Hop Community.

Proposal: Fast Bridging Support for SNX and sUSD

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Synthetix is one of the DEFI pioneers and currently has aligned incentives where Hop can become the bridge of choice for Synthetix assets moving between Optimism and Ethereum.

Temperature Check HIP 4: Delegate Incentivization Trial

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Governance takes time and resources consistently therefore I believe it’s important to continually support delegates to remain focused on Hop. Francom co-authored this proposal with GFX Labs and Fig.

Temperature Check: HIP 6 Deploy a Hop Bridge to Arbitrum Nova

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Hop should be an important component of Arbitrum Nova’s infrastructure as Nova builds for a new segment of L2’s user base.

Temperature Check HIP 7- AMM and Bonder Liquidity Incentives

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Bonders and Liquidity Providers are an integral part of Hop and while these roles are somewhat centralized currently (specifically bonders) it is important to support greater volume to reach a point where usage and fees can be further decentralized.

Hop Proposal Bundle: HIP’s 0-7; SNX/Susd Bridging Support

Recommendation Vote. Yes. While bundling proposals is far from ideal governance these proposals passed with an overwhelming majority and were stuck in a backlog therefore this seems like an efficient step at the moment.

Hip 8: Direct Velodrome veNFT votes to a WETH/HOP pool

Recommendation Vote: Yes. Prioritizing this pool makes sense as it captures greater value for Hop Protocol compared to the previous pool.

Temperature Check HIP 9: Should the Hop Community Fund a Grants Program?

Recommendation Vote. Yes. A targeted grants program will help foster growth that specifically adds value to Hop Protocol.

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