[Temperature Check] HIP 3: Governance; Establishing clear structure / naming of HOP proposals


Proposing changes to how proposals on hop forum are structured


To make proposals easy and clear to understand / go through for delegates and people both from inside & outside the HOP ecosystem. This should help to bring down voter apathy and save time of anyone going through the proposals.


Clear uniform structure and nomenclature help people not to get lost in the forum and navigate through proposals more easily. Drawing here on the lessons learned / processes of Ethereum community and their EIP process.

Changes proposed

  • Hop Ecosystem category
    • Change category name
      • “Hop Ecosystem” → “HIP - Hop Improvement proposals” (or something in this spirit, including word “proposal” )
        • rationale
          • The category name is vague, does not communicate clearly that it is for Proposals’ discussion
    • Give clear structure + naming to proposals
      • Proposal Naming - < HIP number>, <Category(Core, Integrations, Funding, Governance)>, <title(describe proposal in few words)>,
        • e.g. - HIP 3: Governance; Establishing clear structure / naming of HOP proposals
      • Proposal Structure - Follow ethereum EIP sturcture, omit unnecessary fields if do not apply to proposal link
      • Create pinned post in Hop Ecosystem category, giving Proposal template + guidelines for creating proposal


Not sure if voting is necessary here, since it is minor change to the forum structure @cwhinfrey?

(if nedded) Yes - agree with proposed changes
(if nedded) No - No action


Maybe we can combine this proposal with the proposal “Should the Hop Community governance process emulate other DAOs?”