RFC: HOP Protocol x AlphaGuilty

Point of Contact Telegram: @ MrFish

Posting this here as I was informed by rxpwnz(Community Mod) that this is the only way to get in touch with the team in regards to B2B cooperation


I am reaching out on behalf of AlphaGuilty (https://alphaguilty.io/), a web3 growth hacking and questing platform. We would like to invite HOP Protocol onboard our platform and see how we can assist with the growth of your project with the help of our 20K+ active web3 participants. The platform on-boarding and services are free of cost and there is no hidden cost to you. We could help amplify your online presence and help tailor the campaigns according to your needs. As part of this co-operation we are willing to distribute rewards of upto $50 from our side to the community participants , if you are open to holding a AMA with us.

Is HOP protocol open to B2B/project to project collaboration?

AlphaGulity Details:
AlphaGuilty is a growth hacking/questing platform launched last year with the aim of gamifying tasks while at the same time helping growing the participating projects user-base through on chain and off chain tasks with the speciality; the projects being able to integrate their profile page widget directly to their site for the community to easily access the curated quests