[RFC] HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution


When the Hop DAO was launched, Sybil hunters submitted reports that ultimately removed Sybil attackers from the HOP airdrop, resulting in the DAO keeping almost 3.5 million tokens that would have otherwise been in the hands of Sybil attackers. Per the Hop DAO introduction post, this proposal seeks to reward these Sybil hunters with 25% of the saved tokens now, a year after the start of the DAO.

Beyond the direct benefits of token recovery, the Sybil hunters also contributed to promoting the DAO in indirect ways. Both the SAFE airdrop and the Arbitrum airdrop adopted elements of Hop’s airdrop design as a result of the hunters’ effort and innovation, thus validating and enhancing the DAO’s influence. Each of those teams specifically called out Hop as inspiration during their airdrop process.

Specific Details

  • Total tokens to distribute: 869,566.51
  • Total recipients: 35
  • Distribution method: The DAO will send funds to an OpenZeppelin PaymentSplitter contract that allows the addresses to claim tokens sent to the contract. The address of the verified contract is 0xD62524e1Bd146AB1a8e3D03ea8646870E3684fEe. The contract claim start time will be Fri Jun 09 2023 10:48:36 GMT+0000, which is the same start time as all of the HOP vesting contracts created at the beginning of the DAO’s lifetime.

Next Steps

Based on the process defined in HIP-13, this RFC will move from the forum to a proposal on Snapshot and subsequently onto Tally, assuming consensus is reached at each stage.


Recipient Address HOP Amount
0x945D28dF9779795BDab5BC6FDD9f36c0Ef1F7190 93,050.37
0xBCCD7DF161C0d155D3E56D8C57Cc31C185217546 29,441.94
0xb33e018fd80466E46Cb0d52F46eA98105E7B53ec 6,955.00
0x61C1511D2645C1Fd1C5e71f07586d35779D85D79 9,715.53
0x0c31Fb1f6035402d61c6B4b0a5c2B62309fF763d 14,740.59
0x87122A072DaCF42bcCA5F4583fF08dEd2fb89176 13,821.37
0xa52AaF7da0156d2D30a310aFe6f084a0DA9cEE54 6,724.63
0x400aBc3DAE98Ec5aEEF2681b40D4CEd0A5aff934 106,850.36
0x414DD753dEa0c34f83695Cea8FdD38d734E49b4E 17,335.98
0xFB7c1D49e006eaDdff2385c7eF8B0C5Cf49d038A 3,406.56
0x7d3f6048091aEdE6198736b8C6ac527c314e25ff 71,439.55
0x0A304d8B62488766b0B4004C6398F5f439c45afa 3,096.38
0x572Ae335AaC8F32DC1ac53B97Fe248C3c9B3aF77 4,397.15
0x0BE6FC06A0A605D006C6317E5b0383F6Fb1394F1 51,826.21
0x68C589fAb487f2F100d0380Fad9648263F2e7145 41,246.28
0x386f6B908640d9f394EF37bC1b8c3a4018fa3dB1 15,515.27
0x12FB89D601C674aeA4d91f92ABD30eB9bb57a95E 2,367.41
0x7D389CfcD35e2aE40599b2662040A32E1450E6D6 6,392.06
0x987ffC303bEa07c4aD724f2BA9800b1FDC6a7dB0 24,519.63
0x6147B20E2542137055C87E6d86C8af5bF8Fb515a 4,062.73
0xdaa2fAA20484ef193F4678a802cEa58750638B2A 39,163.63
0xF1e4FbbC580Fc71714EfA23F352E6A70eBe46D39 16,082.46
0x61bC799fD0EB6C791E1cF22E1e9908635444d5A6 48,662.07
0xab41733192b401c88f3c0e42cacab44365530fba 2,894.44
0xD47CB1835EB36e4A108C33E446449192426Fc160 136,043.68
0x7F5F2980A85B363BD9013593A3D8b4f7DB3781Fd 3,542.76
0x0fB267a11d0a4ee611a3A8Dc41147A5729276161 3,596.69
0x5c43B1eD97e52d009611D89b74fA829FE4ac56b1 13,983.16
0x93CbB09b82b429e0566D1ca3596515DDAeF1980A 8,816.78
0x516d03de90f3Df147861E8d8001c8EDc79d89Ce7 2,859.99
0x9bb82fbf10cF4959909BAB9bE07805bd1d28D04A 28,821.95
0x99EdCfb867E9772384f3b560fE360d1530d6740d 7,562.27
0x72153F1040BDfe6961bB73448f1AF265B2bFDf0b 7,157.50
0x5E14E0c2e39ae6d65e33D21edA41796f4db86d52 17,354.19
0x6a1AF72bBcfD0BA492E502F83334d3910Fa025dB 6,119.94

Really impressive/interesting effort all around

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Agreed. If there is no contention here, I am going to work with a delegate to get this posted on Snapshot soon in order for this RFC to complete the governance cycle within the timeframe in the original post.


This RFC is now in its Temperature Check stage on Snapshot.

I’m voting yes. I think Hop set a gold standard that likely can’t ever be fully repeated again with the Sybil Hunter program. Very happy to see the distributions move forward.

voted yes:


Thanks for the suggestion and indeed the work done by the airdrop sybil hunters is cool. This is an easy YES vote.

Great work by the Sybil hunters!

Voted yes, well deserved by those who took the time to track these things down.

Snapshot temperature check has passed, proposal moved to on-chain vote.

Voted yes for this onchain

I voted yes to both, this was a commitment to users that had already put in the work to identify sybil addresses, so congratulations and thanks to all for your efforts.