[RFC] Deploy Hop on Public Goods Network (PGN) Mainnet

Proposal: Deploy Hop on Public Goods Network (PGN) Mainnet

Point of Contact: Nicole d’Avis, TG: @enidavis, email: nicole [at] gitcoin [dot] co


We are proposing to deploy the Hop Bridge to the Public Goods Network, an L2 OP Chain that will use the vast majority of net sequencer fees to fund and support public goods.


As we continue to experiment with the most advanced mechanisms in distributing public goods funding, we must also advance mechanisms for generating abundant and legitimate funding. The Public Goods Network (PGN) will be a digital schelling point for those who want to support public goods at large. With backing from a growing community of public goods maxis such as Public Nouns, Clr.fund, Giveth, Hypercerts, Protocol Labs, Octant and Gitcoin, the network will align efforts and resources. The Public Goods Network is a new L2 OP Chain, a highly composable EVM compatible rollup, with the vast majority of net sequencer fees going back to supporting public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

We propose to the Hop community to deploy the Hop Bridge to the Public Goods Network mainnet. Deploying the Hop Bridge on PGN will substantially expand the impact and reach of the network by providing trusted legitimacy in depositing and withdrawing assets from this emergent chain. Deploying the Hop Bridge will also strengthen the relationship between the Hop community and the global regen community focused on funding public goods.


The following are additional details and reasoning behind why we recommend this proposal:

  • As the first L2 deliberately dedicated to directing net sequencer fees to public goods, and designed to be a neutral network not solely governed or owned by any one organization, PGN has the potential to be a dominant chain for public goods transactions, as well as builders who want to support public goods by filling block space.

  • PGN internally deployed mainnet on July 11, and will announce publicly after EthCC. Alongside PGN’s native bridge, Hop will be one of the first professional-grade bridges deployed on PGN. As an early participant, this allows Hop Protocol to be a key player in the future of PGN and the alliance of supporting organizations, securing a critical market share in this network.

  • PGN is built on the trusted, tested EVM compatible Optimism chain, following the success and testing of Base and the Zora Network.

  • As a trusted bridge, Hop Protocol’s participation will also have the opportunity to signal the credibility and flexibility of PGN by enabling multiple assets to be bridged and supported in a credibly neutral way.

Partner Details

This proposal is being made on behalf of the Public Goods Network, by Nicole d’Avis, Protocol Lead, and Kyle Weiss, Exec Director of The Gitcoin Foundation.

Since 2017, Gitcoin has been building solutions that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters to them. Through the Gitcoin Grants Program, they’ve distributed over $50M to early stage builders championing projects across DeFi, climate, open source and beyond. They partner with some of the most impactful organizations fueling the future of open source software and public goods

Potential Risks

Because PGN is an OP chain, built using Optimism’s well-tested frameworks, deploying on PGN should not pose substantial technical risk. PGN has predominantly used standard OP code via their SDK, which has been audited, and tested by other similar and recently launched L2s such as Base and Zora Network. For this reason, there is minimal technical risk.

Given this is a new chain, it is possible the overhead to deploy and support PGN may not be worth the value it creates for the Hop Network. This is a risk that the PGN team is laser focused on mitigating by ensuring there is sufficient demand for the PGN network, but also demand to bridge to the network on a regular basis.

Helpful Links

Site: https://publicgoods.network/ (includes link to network docs)
Mainnet Bridge: PGN Bridge


Strong vote in favour of this proposal. I will say that the risk presented regarding overhead versus value is one I can’t properly assess because I and other delegates have no information about overhead costs. That is an opinion the dev team would need to share.

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I definitely support this as well and appreciate the consideration for overhead. My understanding is supporting OP Stack chains should be fairly straightforward. Given the value alignment between Hop and PGN and PGN’s exciting roadmap laid out on the last community call, I think it will be a solid investment.

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I would be for this - increasing the use cases of the HOP Bridge will almost always get a yes from me

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100% in support of this move!