[Request for Comment] Proposal to Launch Hop Protocol Attestation Campaign with Clique on Optimism

Point of Contact: Sunny and Charles, TG: @SunnyZ_Crypto, @jpeg_yakuza; email: [email protected], [email protected]

Proposal summary

Clique proposes to collaborate with Hop Protocol to launch an attestation campaign on the Clique platform. We believe this collaboration will be beneficial for both parties for the following reasons:

  1. Clique is the leading Identity Issuer on Optimism - our aim is to support protocols through identity by enabling users to claim attestations about their off-chain data + DeFi actions. We previously ran an ecosystem wide program involving various partners in the OP Army Program. Among the 59,000 participants, we have identified 12,500 experienced DeFi users who have participated in every single quest, which involved actions such as staking, bridging, swapping, etc. Clique is keen to direct its active users to Hop Protocol, helping to increase Hop Protocol’s user base and expand its reach. This will increase awareness and understanding of Hop Protocol’s features and benefits, potentially leading to increased adoption and usage.
  2. The standard growth model is bad for user stickiness. We propose Hop Protocol could create an Attestation Exclusive Competitive Raffle on Clique, where users redeem tickets based on the completion of protocol-specific actions, and the total actions fulfilled determines the number of entries in the raffle. While limiting the number of participants, we believe this structure would encourage higher use of Hop’s features & drive to better retention.
  3. Clique will provide Hop Protocol with a break down of the user conversion and retention information to help Hop Protocol better identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for retaining and engaging users.
  4. No dev resources from Hop Protocol are required as the campaign will be hosted natively on the Clique platform.

By collaborating in this way, Clique and Hop Protocol can work together to build a stronger, more vibrant DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, the campaign will be an excellent opportunity for Clique users to experience the benefits of using Hop Protocol to bridge their assets across various chains.

About Clique

Clique builds a new type of primitives, identity oracles, that bring web2 user behavior and identity data on-chain. It serves two primary goals: establishing more robust reputation and identity systems on-chain, and bridging the gap between value-creating activities in web2 and incentive distribution layers in web3. We use advanced cryptographic tools like ZKP, TEE, and MPC to design modular privacy-preserving pipelines with custom trust assumptions.

We were previously incubated by Alliance DAO and Stanford Blockchain Accelerator and raised our seed round last year.

To learn more about us, please check our website(https://clique.social/) and Twitter(https://twitter.com/Clique2046).


Hop Protocol values real users and rewards them generously for their participation in DeFi. Clique also recognizes the value of real users, which is why we started doing Attestation on Optimism.

In the past four months, over 90% of all attestations created AttestationStation’s registry of over 1,250,000 attestations are issued from Clique.

Clique has managed to bootstrap the growth of Optimism’s Identity layer via two campaigns.

One during our launch in February and another in April we called the OP Army Program.

The OP Army Program was an ecosystem wide activation where we partnered up with various dapps running on Optimism. We’ve introduced a leveling system where Users had to claim their attestations & accrue EXP by completing weekly challenges set by the partnered protocols.

For the duration of the OP Army Program, we were the #2 DAU app for over 5 weeks after Stargate & accounted an average of 1-3% of all overall TXs on Optimism.

Clique has identified a total of 59,000 unique participants out of which 12,500 experienced DeFi users, who have taken part in every single quest which actions ranged from staking/bridging/swapping etc.

Our focus is now on providing exclusive opportunities with Hop Protocol to these verified users with the aim to:

  • Bring more real users to Hop Protocol.
  • Encourage the broader OP Ecosystem to claim attestations.

Partner Details

2046 Labs

This proposal is being made by Sunny Zhang, Head of Growth, an employee of 2046 Labs. 2046 Labs is a legal entity that aims to promote user data ownership.

Clique is incubated by 2046 Labs, which builds identity oracles that bring web2 user behavior and identity data on-chain.

Partner Legal

The legal entity that is supporting this proposal is 2046 Labs, Inc, a United States company incubates Clique.

Conflict of Interest Declaration

There are no existing financial or contractual relationships between 2046 Labs and any of Hop Protocol’s legal entities, including Hop exchange, HOP tokens, nor investments of Hop Protocol.

What potential risks are there for this project’s success? How could they be mitigated?

The main risks stand from the Design of the Incentive Distribution as well as the scoring system - which we will both oversee & pass along the Hop team to assess. Other than that, there is no risk towards Hop’s community. The concept we had in mind was an attestation-exclusive competition so only a small group of individuals would fight for a prize pool and interact with the protocol doing so.

If Hop wants to open up this competition to their community, we could also look into enabling anyone to take part, as long as they claim their attestations & update them through out the competition.

Can you demonstrate why it is necessary for Hop to “better identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for retaining and engaging users”? Nothing I have seen/heard/talked about in my involvement in the DAO since inception has suggested this is any sort of concern requiring partnerships of any sort; in fact, the opposite may be inferred given the Hop bridge’s volume in the face of no such platforms.

Hi Dybsy, Charles from Clique here, I head our partnerships. This is actually a great point & I believe we can both agree the Hop bridge’s volume is due to the quality of the product.

Sunny’s suggestion above was for a design I had in mind we call “Attestation Exclusive Events” - in essence an initiative to create more reputation-derived value with partners but also direct more users to their product, through a design that trickles to longer term conversion (as most growth platforms to date have proven they are great at spiking activity, but flawed for retention).

In light of recent events, I have a different angle on how we could partner up. In short, Clique is one of OP’s cycle 14 recipient (Cycle 14: Final Grants Roundup - Grants - Optimism Collective) & we have been allocated 100K OP in order mission to further grow Optimism’s Identity Layer.

In short, we’re organising a competition between protocols that are similar in nature (Bridges/ DEXes/ LP-Staking Actions / Trading) - powered by user attestations, where users would use Clique’s identity infrastructure to push off-chain + DeFi attestations that will be used to identify power users for each DeFi category/protocol.

The type of DeFi Attestations the users would be updating throughout the competitions would go beyond just total volume + frequency of use but also include more obscure information such as the total fees that user has contributed to the protocol as well as that specific DeFi Category.

In turn, we will be working hand in hand with identity verifiers to integrate our schemas with the aim of creating a separate UA funnel for the protocol at the Ecosystem Discord level (and set up a hierarchy of roles for power users) instead of solely relying on TW/Substack/TG.

Finally, with rewards to the disbursement of our grant from OP Cycle 14, aside from the event’s main leaderboard, we will be allocating a portion for something new we call “Attestation-Weighted Surveys” - think of a raffle where a user has to fill out a survey to participate, but his odds of winning will be weighed according to his level of activity. In turn, that data will be communicated to Hop as well.

Please feel free to assess a more detailed outline in the following notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

I know it’s a lot of information to digest - hoping we could build out Optimism’s Identity layer together in a more meaningful way. Please let me know if you have any queries.

This is interesting. You should come on to our next Community Call to discuss this in a way that the majority of the community can digest and easily parse value.

I would love that.

Could I trouble you & inquire when that community call would next be?

Usually it’s every two weeks on Wednesday, so September 6 next scheduled. Sometimes it’s postponed without a lot of news.


Assuming it’ll take place on the discord - will jot it down in my calendar. Let me know if there’s a form/doc I need to get filled out.

Hey Dibsy - let me know on this! Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Hey, it got postponed this week (9/6/23). The next one should be 9/20/23.

I’d be interested in hearing more on a call FWIW, as it sounds like there isn’t much cost here for Hop while getting the benefit of attracting more users.

Thanks for the heads up - someone did let me know in the discord.

Absolutely! Happy to hop on a call: Calendly - Charles Gaubert-Amy

We designed the program to take as little dev resources from Hop & while we do recommend protocols to sponsor their own prize pools (that only participants interacting with their protocol would be eligible for) to further drive cross-pollination between user bases of competitors & further identify power users for each DeFi protocol, it’s NOT a pre-req :slight_smile:

Eager to connect, have a good week end friend.