[Request for comment] Activities to pre-authorize Hop Foundation

This is a thread to brainstorm activities that Hop governance may wish to pre-authorize for the Hop Foundation. It was inspired by HIP2: Explore Private Sale Legal Options.

Good candidates are likely activities that are neither binding nor require a budget. This can be a running list, and in several weeks can be revisited to work into a draft proposal.


This is a great idea! I’ll try to help add a bit of color to what the Hop Foundation is and what it does.

The Hop Foundation acts as a legal layer for Hop DAO. It helps the DAO interact with the traditional legal system and is intended to limit the liability of individual DAO participants.

The foundation will have expenses such as legal fees, director fees, Cayman registration fees, etc. and will need to request a budget from the DAO to cover these costs. Like mentioned above, some foundation activities might not need a budget or have any binding consequences though. (e.g. requesting quotes from service providers.)

I’ll try to add to this list if I think of anything else.

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I think per-authorizing activities will streamline process, but we need to be sure the Foundation has a mandate and that there is an established oversight process.