Reporting Airdrop Hunters

Hi guys,

What happens when we find someone that gamed the airdrop for about 15000 $HOP token with 19 different accounts ?
If I report this guy, since it takes a lot of time to report and summarize everything, will you still give out 25% of the tokens ?




From the announcement:

When Hop DAO is live, we will make a proposal to reward those who reported Sybil addresses with 25% of the tokens saved — subject to a 1 year lockup. Reports will be reviewed, and rewards will be tallied on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Each report must eliminate a minimum of 20 related addresses.
  • Reports must show high-quality research and be easy to verify by the Hop Labs team.
  • Reports that have a non-negligible probability of eliminating legitimate users will not be considered.

All reports should be submitted via a Github issue here.

Why not focus on your life and leave other people’s life, what if after you report the dude and still not get the 25%? Well do your due diligence and be sure he actually gamed it before reporting and I’m sure Hop will do theirs aswell

Are you suggesting he should let the exploiter go just because he doesn’t benefit from it? wtf.

Let’s say he doesn’t get the 25%.
As a supposed HOP holder, he still does benefit, because:
a) the exploiter doesn’t dump the tokens in the beginning, resulting in a more positive price movement
b) the tokens are getting distributed to the treasury or other eligible HOP Airdrop addresses

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Methinks Audrey might be a sybil attacker, lol