Proposed Next Steps for Hop Protocol

Almost two years ago, we joined the fight to scale Ethereum by building secure, trustless, and community-owned bridge infrastructure. To us, these values have never rang clearer than they do today. Hop v1 supports Ethereum, 4 spoke networks, 7 different assets and has helped get us to over $3B in total volume.

With the power of the DAO now behind Hop, Ethereum’s layer-2s in full swing, and a year and half of learnings, Hop has positioned itself as a market leader with a reputation for security. If we want to defend this position, Hop must continue to evolve in a rapidly changing market landscape.

In this series of posts, we hope to kick off discussions around the next chapter of Hop’s journey and our own role in it. These topics include:

[RFC] Hop Protocol Roadmap

[RFC] Engage Authereum Labs as Service Provider

[RFC] Protocol Fees and a Commitment to Public Goods Funding

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as we make these next steps together.

All the best,

The Hop Team :heart: