[Proposal] HOP OTC Discussion


SIZE is an on-chain OTC protocol — treasuries can diversify & sell tokens without slippage or market impact. We recently published a blog on treasury management, encouraging DAOs to diversify and during research saw that HOP’s treasury, fully allocated in HOP and OP, was worth proposing diversification.

While the price of $HOP is decently high at ~$.20 today, it was half of that a month ago. Over the last year, the price of $HOP has swung between ~$.06 and ~$.30. Over the last 7 days, ~35% dip. It’s impossible to time the markets. If $HOP had sold $500k quarterly over the last year, the average sell price would be closer to ~$.13.

Hindsight bias is real. A lot of treasuries and communities fall into the holding pattern of “the price is too low or price is going higher.” To solve for this, we’d recommend DCA by selling monthly or quarterly more realistically to maintain 18-24 months of runrate.

We’d suggest moving up to 25% into stables.

  • Adding blue chips into the mix to further hedge treasury, upside exposure.
  • Sell on a quarterly basis versus annually.

We’d love to start a discussion, likely this has already been discussed internally, or answer any questions.


Size Team