[Proposal] Base Name Saervice("BaseNS") Collaboration

Hello, I’m Cleone, the BD manager from Star. We are currently the largest omnichain naming service provider and have achieved over 250K registration with 180K unique wallet addresses. We just launched the Base Name Service(basens.domains) on Base Testnet. Omnichain naming service allows users to use one unique ID across L1/L2 platforms.

Regarding the cross-chain features, we have in-depth cooperation with LayerZero cross-chain technology to support Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync, Optimism, Aptos, Sui and other blockchain Ecosystems. We’re actively supporting developers and teams to use omnichain naming services to onboard more users to each community.

Star Protocol has about 100K users in our discord community.

We’re looking for possible partnership. Please kindly visit our naming service platform, https://basens.domains/.
Social Media: star_protocol | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree