Partner with Tally to drive delegate discovery during Delegation Week

Proposal Background

The Hop DAO would benefit from expanding and diversifying its delegate base. Only one of the top five delegates by voting power in the Hop DAO voted on the most recent onchain proposal. However, it is very difficult for aspiring delegates to get in front of token holders and attract new delegations. Tally proposes to partner with the Hop DAO to drive delegate discovery during Delegation Week.

Proposal Details

As part of the upcoming Delegation Week, Tally proposes multiple initiatives to drive delegate discovery in the Hop DAO.

  1. Ship new delegation features for the Hop DAO. We propose to build a new delegation dashboard on Tally that makes it easier for token holders to identify undelegated tokens, makes it easier for token holders to select a delegate, and makes it easier for delegates to create/edit delegate profiles directly on Tally.
  2. Implement gasless delegation for the Hop DAO. With the recent spike in gas fees, delegation transactions come at a significant cost to token holders. We propose to remove that barrier to governance participation by relaying delegation transactions on behalf of Hop DAO members.
  3. Run a Hop delegation campaign. We propose to run a series of Twitter campaigns designed to highlight delegates in the Hop DAO and encourage token holders to delegate.


  • Delegation UI: $0 (this is already on Tally’s roadmap)
  • Gasless delegation: $5,000
  • Delegation campaign: $5,000


  • Delegation UI: May 15th
  • Gasless Delegation: May 22nd - (until budget runs out)
  • Hop Delegation Campaign: May 15th - May 26th

Success Criteria

  • Delegation features shipped
    • Hop token holder delegation dashboard
    • Delegation statements on Tally
    • “Issues” delegate fields on Tally
  • Gasless delegation budget used
  • Delegation campaign completed (multiple Twitter threads highlighting Hop delegates and encouraging token holders to delegate)
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I am fully in support of this idea. I liked it on the call, and I like it here. Highlighting delegates is critical. I have nothing against big-name delegates who attract huge delegations, but I definitely see problems with participation (which increases as their reach scales across many protocols—there are only so many hours in the day). So, it is a great idea to push an effort to promote those delegates who are active and involved but maybe don’t have the reach they should have (or need). This applies me to me very specifically, but I think it is endemic to DAO governance across the spectrum.

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This is an excellent initiative to redistribute governance power among active delegates, and I am definitely in support.

Looking forward to Delegation Week and all the insights we will gain from monitoring delegation patterns.

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