Oct/Nov 2022 HIP 4 Delegate Compensation Reporting

1 month ago, HIP 4: Hop Delegate Incentivization Trial passed an on-chain vote directing the community multisig to distribute delegate compensation.

As per HIP 4, delegates are directed to self-report their lowest level of HOP delegation for the previous month to determine incentives to be paid to that delegate. Delegates must also maintain 90% vote participation and communication.

The formula for delegate incentives can be found within HIP 4, but here is a helpful graph for those who wish to quickly arrive at the correct number.

Attn: @dybsy @cwhinfrey @mentor et al who are relevant

(GFX Labs will report below in the thread; others may feel free to copy the format if they choose.)

GFX Labs
Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2 = 100%
Communication 2/2 = 100%

Lowest HOP level for this period: 1.79 million
Incentive based on formula: 5,959.986 HOP

GFX Labs address: 0xa6e8772af29b29B9202a073f8E36f447689BEef6 (also tagged on Etherscan)

Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 1/2 (will explain below)
Communication: 2/2

Lowest HOP level for this period: 226,000
Formula incentives: 2814.38

dybsy.eth - 0x9A048A7BF38306c055C05606A6010C78CFc7C1E8

A review of snapshot indicates I did not actually vote for HIP-8. (Thanks to those who brought this to my attention). The eligibility requirements clearly state 90% participation, so on its face I would not qualify for rewards for this period. That being said, HIP-8 exists because I as a multisig operator refused to push a transaction to vote on velo pools without a mandate from the DAO. I was extremely vocal about this in #governance and in the community call. For whatever reason, I simply forgot to vote on the snapshot, and I don’t think that should be disqualifying in this instance.


lefterisjp (lefteris.eth)
Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2
Communication: 2/2 (in twitter and inside the respective proposal posts – if you need more please let me know)

Lowest HOP level for this period: 2.12 millon (source: Tally | Hop)
Incentive based on formula: 6,217.76 HOP

Also got a question: Would it be possible to get some sort of invoice for services rendered to the DAO for this?
Also is it possible to send directly to the project I work at (rotki) instead of me? They could probably use it better.


Believe you just need to specify the address here. From the HIP:

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:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:
Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2 = 100%
Communication: 2/2 = 100%

Lowest HOP level for this period: 138,780 HOP
Incentive based on formula: 2,073.14 HOP

Address: fourpoops.eth - 0xDE3ba1B41e6c612a3Ca3213B84bdaf598dfFdb9b

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Oct 10 – Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2 = 100%
Communication: 2/2 = 100%

Lowest Hop level for this period: 124,000 HOP
Incentives based on formula: 1901.97 HOP

Address: francom.eth

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Flipside Crypto
Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2 = 100% (votes: HIP 8, HIP 9)
Communication: 2/2 = 100% (rationales: HIP 8, HIP 9)

Lowest Hop level for this period: 146,000 HOP
Incentives based on formula: 2150.23 HOP

Address: flipsidecrypto.eth


Synthetix Ambassadors
Oct 10 - Nov 10 2022

Participation: 2/2 = 100%
Communication 2/2 = 100%

Lowest HOP level for this period: 396,000 HOP
Incentive based on formula: 3,666.93 HOP

Synthetix Ambassadors address: eth:0x46abFE1C972fCa43766d6aD70E1c1Df72F4Bb4d1 (Our Council Multi-Sig wallet address) ENS: SNXambassadors.eth

CC: @Millie


Oct 10 - Nov 10, 2022

Participation: 2/2
Communication 2/2

Lowest HOP level for this period: 72,000
Formula incentives: 1075.664

StableNode Address: 0x9c489E4efba90A67299C1097a8628e233C33BB7B

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@dybsy has been a very active and effective delegate and community member therefore I support him being compensated this one time even although he didn’t meet full requirements.


agreed, I think there should clearly be some leeway for cases like this

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At this point, eligible delegates have likely already reported. Can the msig begin distributions next week after the holidays? We will also try to make a final request for reports in the Discord.

Since I can’t edit the post I am replying here.

I would like to ask the compensation to be sent to rotki.eth (0x9531C059098e3d194fF87FebB587aB07B30B1306) as they can use it better than I could.


Hey @Kene_StableNode

Unfortunately, per the proposal, there is a minimum required HOP amount of 90,000 per period, so your submission will not be included in these rewards for this period

@GFXlabs @dybsy @lefterisjp @fourpoops @francom @quasimatt @mastermojo

Hey all, sorry for the tag spam.

There is now a Dune dashboard that retrieves the minimum amount delegated to a user for any given delegate during the period. Anyone can configure the start and end date of this query to verify the amounts.

Given this new data source, I believe it makes sense to use those exact amounts as a source of truth for the equation, since, prior to this, it was not obvious how to get this exact number. For this distribution & for the sake of precision, these numbers from Dune will be used instead of the numbers you posted on this thread. For the most part, everyone’s original post was within 10% (most were within 5%).

Additionally, here is a public, read-only spreadsheet that will be used as a sanity check of values prior to any distribution of funds.

Finally, if possible, in future threads please provide a link to your participation posts, similar to GFXlabs’ post here.

As always, please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns.


thanks for doing this, shane. much need and well appreciated.


Thanks Shane.

I don’t see a point in making a new post for one’s votes when there is already a thread per vote and a response on that thread. Better keep things where they should be and reduce unnecessary clutter in the forums.

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I agree that it shouldn’t be necessary for each delegate to have a new post for one’s votes, but we can at least organize links to all of our disparate comments/votes into the monthly compensation reporting thread for easy 3rd party confirmation