Live Financial Reporting [request for feedback]

1. Summary

We are r3gen Finance, a team of specialist web3 financial service operators who have worked with major ecosystem participants including Aave, Gitcoin, Index Coop, Squid, Aragon, Inverse Finance, and Treasure DAO.

Transparency, credibility, and trust are the foundations of a successful web3 community. That’s why we want to start a dialogue with the Hop community to provide best-in-class accounting and reporting services.

2. Motivation

Hop has already created a number of excellent dune dashboards which is a step in the right direction to monitor performance metrics in real-time which help the Hop community understand the platform’s performance at a glance.

While dune dashboards offer real-time insights into key metrics, they do not provide a compliant comprehensive view of financial performance. Live financial reports, on the other hand, offer a real-time, in-depth view of the DAOs financial health, including profit, runway, revenue, expenses, and more. Transparency is the best way to win in web3 and through sound financial insights comes sound financial management. We feel this will enable you to unlock the full potential of Hop. Here’s why:

Benefits of live financial reports:

  • Real-time insights: Stay up-to-date on the platform’s financial performance and make informed decisions to optimize growth and innovation.
  • Regulatory compliance: Avoid legal issues and regulatory scrutiny by meeting reporting requirements
  • Transparency: Increase transparency to build credibility and attract more users, developers, and investors.
  • Credibility and trust: Build a stronger relationship with DAO members and community stakeholders to achieve goals more effectively.
  • Growth opportunities: Identify opportunities for growth and innovation by analyzing financial data and comparing it to industry benchmarks and trends.
  • Aggregating off-chain data provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s operations by combining both on and off-chain data sources. This holistic approach can help identify areas for improvement, uncover new opportunities, and enable more informed decisions. Failing to aggregate off-chain data risks missing important insights and the full benefits of blockchain technology.

Paint points of insufficient financial transparency

  • Missed opportunities or financial losses due to lack of visibility into financial performance.
  • Delayed decision-making due to outdated information.
  • Inefficient reporting practices that waste valuable time and resources.
  • Compliance risks that can result in legal issues, fines, or reputational damage.
  • Difficulty establishing transparency and building trust with community stakeholders.
  • Negative impact on reputation, making it difficult to attract new users, developers, and investors.
  • Inability to establish credibility and foster trust that those managing the organisation are doing it with the organisations best interests
  • Higher chances of community disengagement and collaboration, leading to less effective decision-making and community-driven initiatives.

3. How we can help

We have brought together a cutting-edge technology stack which provides an unparalleled live financial reporting services for web3 organisation. We operate as a service layer on top of this stack, delivering bookkeeping services and designing and maintaining the financial reports

Get real-time financial insights at your fingertips with our live dashboard – say goodbye to outdated reports and hello to informed decision-making!

Insights Dashboard

:warning: due to limitation on number of embedded images a new user can post, I have included further demo GIFs in the comment section below :warning:

What’s the cost?

We like to be upfront about pricing and estimate monthly costs to Hop of $7800 - $11,200, which includes coverage of all ongoing bookkeeping and reporting needs. Our quote depends on factors such as the number of transactions since genesis, transaction complexity, chains supported, off chain and on-chain transactions per month, and the number of business entities.

It’s important to note that this is just a preliminary estimate, and a final quote will require more detailed scoping with the Hop core team to ensure we are accurately capturing the DAOs needs and requirements.

Next steps

We love feedback and insights from the Hop community on whether this service would be of value. If community sentiment is positive, we would recommend a session with the Hop team to do further exploratory work before sharing next steps with the community.

If anyone is interested discussing our offering directly, my telegram is Pepperoni_Jo3.

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Show to your community that you value transparent by embedding customised reports on your website
Shortened Reports

At that cost, at least we’d have nice reporting of our unwise spending

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Thanks for the feedback @fourpoops - though we do pride ourselves on being extremely cheap by industry standards.

What would you recommend as a fair price point for nice reporting (+ the bookkeeping)?

We would value the feedback of HOP delegates on whether they support advancing this proposal?

@francom @lefterisjp @GFXlabs @Kene_StableLab @Bobbay_StableLab @dybsy @max-andrew @mastermojo @cwhinfrey @shanefontaine


Thanks for tagging. Price aside, I don’t believe the DAO itself has needs for compliant reporting or bookkeeping.

And yes the price is really high, for something the DAO does not currently need.

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Agree. This post must be 20 characters, so I agree twice.

Thanks for the feedback @lefterisjp and @dybsy. Appreciate your input regarding price, and assessment on the DAO’s current need for financial reporting.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance in the future, feel free to ask. Best of luck to you and all the HOP community :pray:

I share a similar sentiment to those who have already commented. I don’t see much value for Hop DAO to pay for this service in its current state.