Karma - Dashboard showing delegate reputation

At Karma, we are building a reputation system for DAO contributors and we have a dashboard for a number of DAOs showing the most active delegates in that DAO. We just integrated Hop and wanted to share with the community. See below

Each delegate also has a profile page showing all the DAOs they are involved in and their voting history and forum stats. Example: Lefteris’ profile

Each delegate has a reputation score we calculate based on their governance activity (voting on-chain, off-chain, forum discussions). Since Hop governance hasn’t had its first proposal yet, we are calculating scores purely based on delegated votes.

The score logic is all open source and is ideally decided by community. We request the core team+community to give us feedback on two things:

  1. Feedback on this dashboard, what else would you like to see
  2. Feedback on algorithm you would like to use for calculating reputation scores of delegates

Hope the community finds this useful.

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