Introduction - Spike - Avantgarde finance

Hello, Hop! :dizzy:

Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Spike, I work for Avantgarde finance. Before becoming blockchain maxi I used to be investment banker believe it or not! :laughing:

I’ve been around since 2016, saw first DAO formation and witnessed all the fun with Ethereum classic (how is it still alive).

At Avantgarde I’m covering everything related to governance - voting, decision making, we are a large delegate in a number of protocols including Compound and Uniswap.

Big big big thanks to @francom for having a chat with me recently. It was very helpful in terms of getting better understand how community functions and what are the key pain points.

I’ll be joining the call every now and then to better understand where community is moving.

And of course great to meet everyone!