Hop DAO Week 1 Roundup

Hey all,

First, we’re beyond excited to see Hop DAO kick into action and close out its first week. After a lot of hard work and planning, it has been gratifying to see the community step up and take the reins amidst one of the most tumultuous weeks in crypto.

Despite the ongoing chaos in our industry and the world over, we’ve never had more conviction that decentralized, trustless, community-owned goods will empower individuals and underpin our future financial systems. It’s times like these when we’re happy to have one of the leanest teams in DeFi ready to build bridges alongside all of you.

Week 1 in Review

To date, a total of 32,730,114 HOP has been claimed, representing 59.71% of the total airdropped amount. There are now over 10,000 HOP token holders across the globe :muscle:

h/t @hildobby, source: https://dune.com/hildobby/HOP-Airdrop

Several proposals have already been brought forward, and there has been some excellent discussions around a handful of subjects both here and in the Discord #governance channel. In case you missed it:

Defining a Mission and Success Metric

One fantastic point that was brought up this week was that each proposal should explain precisely how it advances Hop’s goals.


Exactly what these goals are have not been defined yet and are for the community to decide. We wanted to share the mission and success framework we’ve used so far so it can be used as a starting point for the community to discuss:

Discussion: Hop’s Mission and Primary Success Metric

Hop’s First Community Call

Hop’s first community call will be held on Discord next Wednesday at 10 am PDT. Tune in to discuss the latest proposals or to pitch an idea to the community.

Looking Forward

From our perspective, there’s a lot to be done now that Hop governance is live. We’ll be kicking off many discussions next week around:

  • Analyzing and adopting new bridge tokens
  • Setting up liquidity incentives for the bridge AMMs
  • HOP rewards for Bonders
  • Securing funding for ongoing operations
  • Appointing community roles
  • HOP utility in V2
  • Anything you’d like to bring to the table :sparkles:

We’re excited to be building bridges with you all and can’t wait to hear your thoughts in Discord and here on the forum as the DAO takes its first important steps.


That precisely sums up where we are and what we need to do to have a headstart. Since dust has settled and airdrop hunters are gone, we can have quality brainstorming sessions in discord. We need working groups and community sync calls in optimal intervals.

Let’s make our DAO governance inclusive, productive and fun. Cheers all…