[Grant Proposal] Hop LP Staking Rebalancer

Reducing the friction of staking and rebalancing a portfolio will not just encourage LPs to do it more often, thereby more efficiently using market forces to allocate liquidity where swappers demand it, but the enhanced usability will also attract new LPs, increasing the total liquidity on the Hop protocol.

I propose building a combination of open source JavaScript and Solidity that will enable an LP to quickly, programmatically, and trustlessly rebalance their staked positions across networks for yield optimization. This code would identify higher yields on other networks and shift it over for the LP at the press of a button.

The full proposal can be found here: Hop LP Staking Rebalancer - Google Docs

@cwhinfrey @0xjack @fourpoops
Could each of you please reply below with approval for this proposal? Feel free to include any other thoughts as well. Work will begin as soon as approval is received from each committee member.


I approve this proposal as a member of the grants committee.

I went over the proposal with Max and think it’s well thought out, addresses a real user need, is tightly scoped, and will be a great addition to the UI. I’m excited to see it in action if the rest of the committee approves!


Appreciate it Chris!

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I also approve this proposal as a member of the grants comittee!

The funding request is reasonable and am the milestone based funding makes this a safe grant for the grants program to fund. Looking forward to being able to re-balance my funds across chains in the UI :raised_hands:

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Likewise — thanks Jack!

And also approved by me. I really like this as a first grant! I also went over the proposal with Max and I’m excited to see it move forward. My only real nitpick was why benchmark to Authereum Labs pay rate? I would think they are above market rate compared to grants. That said, overall I think it looks really great and given that grants are done on milestones, I’m less concerned.

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Thanks fourpoops! And thanks again to the entire grants committee for your feedback during this initial process. Work starts today and I’m really excited to get building!