Community Call meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes [May-17]

  • Carl introduced Treasure, a decentralized gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum, with a focus on creating a decentralized Nintendo.
  • Treasure has been around for 20 months and has launched a token, infrastructure, and multiple games.
  • They are number one on Arbitrum for gaming and have done close to 275 million in volume since inception.
  • The Magic token has been performing well on Arbitrum, and a partnership with Hop to bridge Magic to and from Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One was proposed and approved.
  • The Treasure Community voted in favor of supporting Nova.
  • The team discussed supporting Magic’s initiative with incentives and creating a framework for fair distribution.
  • Delegation Week, organized by Tally, was introduced to encourage token holders to evaluate their delegations and potentially redelegate or delegate for the first time.
  • Discussions were held on incentivizing redelegation and the possibility of mandated redelegation for effective DAO governance.
  • The team discussed the renewal of the HOP delegate incentivization program, with a focus on encouraging new delegates to participate.
  • Proposals were made for delegating ARB tokens to the Community Multisig and the newly elected ambassadors, with further discussions needed.
  • The team explored different mechanisms and frameworks for incentivizing liquidity and bridging on different assets and networks.
  • The idea of a decentralized protocol for delegates to market themselves and an opt-in incentivized program for delegation were discussed.
  • Discussions were held on the need for incentives, market share, and competitive landscape in bridging protocols.
  • The team proposed forming an incentive management committee to develop frameworks and value propositions for granting incentives.
  • The importance of creating a robust system, analyzing the marketplace, and designing parameters for awarding incentives was emphasized.
  • Progress updates were provided on the core messenger refactor and the Bonder side, with plans to go live soon.
  • Greg introduced himself and expressed interest in DAO governance and being a valuable delegate.
  • The next call was scheduled in a couple of weeks, with plans to coordinate artwork and issue POAPs.

Note: ChatGPT3 was used due to length of the call and GPT4 token limits. Please advise if anything seems inaccurate.


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