Co-Marketing Proposal for the Launch of Omnichain Vault in Collaboration with Hop Exchange

Point of Contact: Pascal Sawyer, TG: @PascalSawyer, email: [email protected]

Introduction: proposes a co-marketing collaboration with Hop Exchange for the launch of our Omnichain Stablecoin Vault (OMV). This partnership is designed to showcase the integration of’s diversified stablecoin strategies with Hop Exchange’s efficient cross-chain bridging capabilities.

Proposal Summary: Our proposal focuses on a co-marketing campaign that includes educational content, social media engagement, and community events. The campaign will highlight how Hop Exchange’s technology enhances the functionality of the OMV, which aims to provide competitive returns through a combination of top-tier and niche stablecoin strategies across multiple networks.

1. Educational Article and Social Media Thread:

  • Objective: To create and publish an article explaining the integration of Hop Exchange’s technology in the OMV. The article will also discuss the selection of specific strategies and protocols, along with a comprehensive risk analysis.
  • Content: The article will provide insights into how Hop Exchange’s rollup-to-rollup token bridge technology complements the OMV’s goal of aggregating the best risk-adjusted strategies across various networks.
  • Social Media Engagement: A social media thread will follow the article, highlighting the collaboration and each project’s contribution. Both and Hop Exchange, along with other involved projects, will share and comment on these posts to increase reach and engagement.

2. Twitter Spaces Event:

  • Objective: To host a Twitter Spaces event featuring speakers from and Hop Exchange. The event will focus on the technical integration and the benefits of this collaboration.
  • Agenda: Discussions will include an overview of the OMV, the role of Hop Exchange’s technology in it, and a live Q&A session with the audience.
  • Promotion: The event will be promoted across both and Hop Exchange’s social media channels to ensure wide community participation.

Conclusion: This co-marketing proposal is designed to communicate the synergies between’s OMV and Hop Exchange’s token bridge technology. Through a combination of educational content and interactive events, we aim to engage our communities and highlight the innovative solutions brought forth by this collaboration.

Next Steps: We will be waiting feedback from Hop Exchange on this proposal and are ready to discuss further details.

I don’t really understand the purpose of this proposal and its presence in the forums. Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like it’s more like a request targeted towards the Hop team rather than the Hop DAO.