BitGet wallet causes Hop's Convert to throw exception on network change


The Convert feature works fine with my Trust wallet, but seems to get confused when connected to my BitGet wallet.

When connecting to BitGet, Convert seems to be unaware of which network it’s connecting on, and seems to ignore the specified connection. Instead, Convert sends BitGet the Ethereum connection request every time, which is fine; because you can just switch over to Optimism from Ethereum. Then, I noticed the UI network indicator had a little Matic symbol; so apparently Convert decided to go with Polygon!!! I agree with Convert, Polygon is better.

The network change request Convert sent also showed Polygon to Optimism. I accepted the change request in BitGet, and the reply caused an uncaught exception. (Unfortunately I forgot to write down what the exception was)

The exception is the obvious thing, but it seems like they have a few issues; like slow response, and the UI updates were a little clunky.

A couple things:

  • Hop’s other features don’t seem to have any problems with BitGet
  • The issues occurred while I was trying to convert an Optimism hUSDT to a regular Optimism USDT.
  • I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the hUSDT token I tried to convert came from a prior attempt at moving USDT from Optimism to Ethereum. Apparently the conversion got messed up, so the docs say run the Hop Convert on that ‘h’ token. (You see. That’s why I usually ignore instructions :neutral_face:)

Other than that, I like Hop Exchange, because I never know what token converts to what and where… Need to get the Solana team to build on your work to handle their super irritating tokens!

Oh, I almost forgot… Is there another way I can convert the h coin?