Arbitrum Retrospective Quarterly Report Thread

Hop Protocol’s Governance Power (Changes)



Number of votes done by the ambassador (including any missed vote)



Proposals are written by the ambassador

Q1 → Q2
In contrast to the experience of entering the Optimism program with an existing ambassador multisig and OP voting power ready to be delegated, the Arbitrum program was initiated entirely from scratch. As such, there were a number of moving parts that needed to be planned and orchestrated. I personally oversaw this process including, but not limited to, drafting a proposal to claim the ARB provided to Hop as part of their airdrop, creating a community multisig on the Arbitrum network to manage these funds, and directing those signers to delegate these funds to the ambassador multisig I created.

While this process sounds straightforward, there were a number of considerations and challenges associated with it. Some of these include the structure for how the Arbitrum community multisig should be established and who the signers should be. These difficulties were exacerbated by the necessary process of the multisig signer elections and the subsequent handoff. Despite this, I continued to oversee this process and communicate with Hop Labs how we might be able to get it across the finish line. The ARB claim and send to the multisig was ultimately accomplished during the Treasury Diversification Tally vote and I have since continued to push for the final delegation step to be completed in the soonest possible multisig cycle.

Progress of business development opportunities

Q1 → Q2
Similarly contrasting the experience with the fairly established Optimism DAO, the newer Arbitrum DAO had yet to establish formal community calls. These were performed on a more ad hoc basis and coordinated by members of the community. Leading into and during my time as an Arbitrum ambassador, the relationship I built with Krzysztof of L2Beat proved immensely valuable for gaining a seat at these discussions.

Franco and I attended a number of community calls where we provided thoughts and ideas on how best Arbitrum DAO itself should be structured and what early goals it should work towards. These communications and relationships led naturally to my participation in Tally’s Delegation Week where I continued my advocacy for Hop and made the case for users to delegate their ARB to the Hop ambassador program. In fact, I was invited to speak on Arbitrum’s Twitter Space and leveraged those connections to generate an offer from the community leads at Arbitrum to have Hop present V2 on a future Space when ready.

More recently, following from conversations had over the last 6 months in Hop community calls and on the Discord, it was agreed that the ambassadors should be flexible and patient with the necessary process of the multisig handoff and shift focus to gathering information that would be useful for Hop Labs. I communicated directly with Labs at this time to determine what information would be most useful and was able to formulate a number of questions around finality and Arbitrum’s vision of bridging. A highlight of my ambassadorship and, in part, a culmination of the work spent strengthening connections with the Arbitrum community was getting to have multiple conversations with builders at Offchain Labs working on Arbitrum all the way up to the founders themselves while at Pragma New York. These conversations generated a number of unique insights that will provide Hop with competitive advantages by enabling us to build towards the future leaders in Arbitrum envision, rather than the state we are currently in. I have furthermore made myself available to the Hop community through community calls, on the Discord, and on the forum.


Full Compensation: 155239.327296 HOP

$500 * 6 months / .0386 HOP (price as of 11:45 ET Oct 29, 6 months after program launch) = 77619.6636481 // Arbitrum Compensation
77619.6636481 * 2 (including work done on behalf of Hop DAO at Optimism) = 155239.327296
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I just want to add more information regarding my experience as an ambassador for Hop in Arbitrum.

I joined their community calls with MaxAndrew and these calls dealt mainly with;

  • The first proposals AIP1.1 and AIP 1.2
  • Moderation policies for the governance forum
  • Arbitrum’s stack licensing/L2 licensing
  • Incentives and Grant framework
  • Security council elections
  • Discussions on STIP program
  • Delegated Domain Allocation

I also joined several community spaces during delegation week with MaxAndrew and Frisson to talk about Hop’s ambassador program and tried to get more tokens delegated to the Arbitrum multisig.

Seeking business development opportunities;

  • I focused on protocols with a presence in Arbitrum One -Nova for potential integration opportunities.
    • Reached out to these protocols to commence conversations regarding integrating Hop
      • XAI
      • Rabby Wallet
      • TokenPocket
      • The Beacon
      • tofuNFT
      • Slingshot
      • Biconomy
      • Babylons
      • Arbswap
      • API3

Suggestions Going Forward

I believe that an ambassador for Hop will add the most value by focusing on business development and seeking integration opportunities. While joining community calls and being involved in governance is helpful to get an ongoing pulse of the respective DAO, i believe this is secondary to BD and the next iteration of the ambassador program should emphasize BD by having an open ambassador call to brainstorm integration opportunities and share progress with the community.

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