Apply as a Hop DAO Delegate

ENS name: amplice.eth

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I think hop is dope, I think L2s are the future, and I want to contribute in some small way to making sure we’re good stewards of the L2/Ethereum ecosystem.

My web3 qualifications / skills: Gearbox and LobsterDAO contributor, PotionDAO multisig, and one of the 10-ish people still hanging around in the Based chats. Also I’m a deep defi degen and video propagandist for various projects.

What voters can expect of me: My number one priority when voting is making sure we aren’t doing harm to the broader Ethereum ecosystem somehow, and my second priority will be to move Hop protocol forward.

Will often favor efficiency and granting people executive power versus decision making by committee, especially at this early stage of the protocol.

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ENS name:


My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I think I have the required vision in proposing and analysis of governace ideas

Being a former physics scientist and economic analyst, I think I have standard visions in developing and investigating great governance ideas. I got familiar with the crypto economy from 2012 and, during the past two years I have been focusing on Blockchain research. We have developed several MVPs in this regard. As a result, I have adequate experience in this world! But the fact that brings me to be a delegate in this area, is my vision (and experiences) in analysing the outcomes of each decision.

My web3 qualifications / skills:

  • Familiar with code level depth of Blockchain technology since 2012

  • Local Activist in social movement toward decentralized web

  • Working on UniqueID (an ongoing project for issuance of unique Identity for every human being as a world nation identity platform)

  • Working on an undercollateralized loan system based on proof of humanity mechanism, to distribute bank’s seigniorage fairly among every human being.

  • Solidity expriences

I am not a front end developer professional but I work alongside two great front end developers who are specially experienced in web3 DApps developments. I had a little contribution in web3 services and I have developed plenty of reports in analysing diverse web3 DApps (i.e.e oasis, axie, …)I am not a front end developer professional but I work alongside two great front end developers who are specially experienced in web3 DApps developments. I had a little contribution in web3 services and I have developed plenty of reports in analysing diverse web3 DApps (i.e.e oasis, axie, …)

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ENS name: xprof.eth

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:
Hop Protocol is one of the most reliable chain bridges, i have been using hop since launch
i want to represent hop community in governance to vote for proposals that benefit the hop protocol community and hop protocol itself
Together we will continue to drive hop protocol towards a community first protocol, and place the community as a priority in any decision making to grow hop protocol

My web3 qualifications / skills:

  • professional experience in smart contracts (solidity, vyper)
  • full stack developer (front end and backend)
  • gitcoin dao fulltime contributor (i live for public good)

i also have development experience with unity (c#), python and a ton of other programming languages
i am a developer at moralis building future proof web3 tech to better the ecosystem and make things easier for builders. We also work with other protocols to organise hackathons and event to incentivise builders to build more
i am pretty deep in the rabbit hole of web3 and planing on going deeper

What voters can expect of me:
They can expect me to have their best interest and decision towards the growth and develop of Hop protocol
They can expect me to take part in discourse (hop protocol forum) and also voice out my opinions and listen to theirs
They can expect me to keep them up to date on governance activities and proposals (mainly my thoughts and opinions toward the proposal and how i feel they can betterment the hop protocol and it community
They can expect me to always support any community individual and give a lending hand and open ears to all
They can expect me to vote on their best interest and on the interest of hop protocol

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ENS name: coaction.eth

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Coaction wants to be a HOP delegate as we support Hop’s critical infrastructure which is expanding the scalability of ETH and helps to mesh the various layer-2 scaling solutions together, all while maintaining a clean and simple UI/UX for the end user which we believe to be critically important to grow adoption. HOP is a critical piece in this puzzle to ensure the long-term sustainability and global expansion of Web3, an end goal that Coaction is heavily aligned with and fighting for.

My Web3 qualifications / skills: Coaction is building another critical piece of infrastructure focused on the Web3 infrastructure subsector including protocols The Graph, Arweave, and Livepeer among others. These protocols are in many instances shifting to layer-2 solutions and we are well versed in the headaches that this transition can create but are far outweighed by the benefits post transition. Our goal is to strengthen the foundation of resource providers enabled by these projects into a bedrock which future applications can depend on to create and build the endless possibilities of Web3 while decreasing the industry’s dependence on the centralized infrastructure providers of Web2.

What voters can expect of me: As a HOP Delegate, Coaction will be heavily involved with the protocols development through governance and firmly/vocally push for the long-term success of the HOP ecosystem for many years to come. Coaction is launching a protocol to support Web3 infrastructure and it is critical to our success that Hop succeeds for our vision to pan out. Expect heavy involvement from Coaction in governance through rational and well thought-out research focused on long term success.

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ENS name:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:
I am excited about the future of DAOs in a multichain future, and I believe in the omnichain thesis that requires bridge protocols such as Hop to be critical components to service, and want to be part of delivering this future into reality thru active participation and advocacy for ensuring the new and smaller scale believers’ voices aren’t drowned out when the larger institutional-level players start mainstreaming their adoption of cryptoasset investments

My web3 qualifications / skills:
I have been developing enterprise software for about two decades now, and have been in Web3 development actively over a year now. I came into Web3 full time managing a globally distributed software development team in Web3 financial derivatives that was also a DAO, and am currently working with a non-EVM blockchain that is also focused on bridges so I understand the balance between retail and institutional users and their concerns when working not just within one blockchain but in moving their valued assets amongst blockchains as they seek the best utility and wealth generation opportunities for their assets. I believe I have unique front-line understanding and empathy for users that will be faced in evolving both a DAO and a bridging protocol.

What voters can expect of me:
As a Hop DAO delegate, I will be the advocate of the retail users who believe in the Omnichain thesis and Hop’s essential role here providing the bridge among blockchains, not just L2s but other L1s, side-chains, application-specific chains and privacy-focused blockchains, to ensure safe and true value transfer of user assets among them, and ensure the voice is still heard as more institutional level players are welcomed into the cryptoindustry space and help carry it forward.

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ENS name: awbvious.eth
My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Only one reason. I want to get the necessary 1-million voting power, so I can create this proposal, and vote for it: Staking HOP for portion of fees - anti-whale . After creating and voting on it, I will post a reply to the forum post that it has been done and you should probably re-delegate.
My web3 qualifications / skills: Been involved in DeFi projects for a number of years, active on many Discord forums, and as a constant early-adopter have liquidity on nearly all the EVM-compatible chains. I know the pain of finding a bridge/hop that can get your liquidity where you need it.
What voters can expect of me: That I create that one proposal and vote on it. After that, no promises. Thus, you may want to watch / get notifications on the post and re-delegate after it happens, if it happens.

Address: 0x7453713a2539a9e9E25849EB8eD94c13E9E7138A

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Hop is a vital piece of infrastructure to increase the adoption of scaling solutions that do not compromise on decentralisation. Hop takes security seriously and aims to minimize any trust assumptions. Hence it is the bridging solution I want to see adopted. I wand to be be a delegate to influence decision making that will lead to greater adoption.
My web3 qualifications / skills: I am a Software developer, currently building the Atlendis protocol offering unsecured lending to institutions.
What voters can expect of me: Every decision I make will be focused long term, with the aim to see Hop become the number one bridge in every relevant metric while not compromising on security.

I understand I’m a bit late for “official” applications, but I’d like to put my information here anyway to advocate for future delegations to my address.

ENS name: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:.eth
My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Hop Protocol has already become a staple in the quickly growing L2 and Ethereum multi-chain ecosystem. The team has prioritized security with a focus on long-term growth and value creation (at the expense of flashy marketing and smoke & mirrors short-termism). These themes highly align with my way of working and thinking. As an L2 early adopter, I quickly came to the realization that Hop had also built what I consider to be the best bridging product and I have gravitated towards using it and interacting with its community more than any other. I have been watching the DAO work and think I can add to the process and also contribute to the brainstorming process, while helping to make sure things do not get stale in the governance process.
My web3 qualifications / skills: Despite my ENS and alt-persona, I am a Real Life Serious Person, with real qualifications and credentials. I have been involved in crypto/Ethereum since 2016 and have grown into somewhat of an Ethereum-minimalist. I have a strong knowledge of the L2/rollup and DeFi landscape. I have a deep understanding of various protocols and their token and governance designs.
What voters can expect of me: While I have not been a delegate, I believe I have already been quite involved in Hop protocol governance and I have an active desire to see Hop succeed. I have been vocal in trying to push forward stale RFCs as well as creating new ones. I will continue to push the DAO forward, quickly opine on RFCs (after thoughtfully considering multiple options), create snapshots when they are ready, and brainstorm new scenarios and ideas as crypto continues to develop, making sure Hop can stay on the bleeding edge. I believe all decisions must focus on long-term growth and value creation, never short-term perceptions or token price.