[Active Vote] HIPs 0-7; SNX/sUSD Support

GFX Labs has moved all previously successful temperature check proposals into an on-chain vote. Voting closes at block 15716683 (October 10, 2022)

This is the inaugural on-chain vote for Hop Protocol governance. It consists of a bundle of eight proposals that successfully passed a Snapshot temperature check, and initiated by six different authors. Several proposals (HIPs 3, 4, and 7) authorize the community multisig to disburse funds. There is currently ample funding in that address, and no new HOP is required from the protocol at this time.

Please refer to each Snapshot poll and forum discussion for the full language of each proposal rather than relying on the brief description in the proposal text.

The full list of proposals bundled for this vote are:

HIP 0: Hop Mission Statement and Success Framework
HIP 1: Deploy a HOP Bridge
HIP 2: Explore Private Sale Legal Options
HIP 3: Governance Incentives Fast bridging support for SNX and sUSD
HIP 4: Delegate Incentivization Trial
HIP 6: Deploy a HOP bridge on Arbitrum Nova
HIP 7: AMM and Bonder Liquidity Incentives

These proposals were all bundled together because they 1) passed overwhelmingly in Snapshot polls, 2) have no immediate on-chain executable component that could present technical risk, 3) collectively created a large backlog of governance initiatives to bring to a final vote.

Snapshot is a great tool to quickly and affordably (freely) poll token holders. However, it is not meant to set policy for the DAO. All governance must occur on-chain.

Generally, GFX Labs does not support the bundling of proposals. Experience suggests it leads to low engagement and haphazard due diligence by voters. In this case, however, the bundling was deemed appropriate due to the low risk and high consensus already mentioned.

If this proposal fails, GFX Labs will separate out those components it feels are most important and least controversial, and prioritize those for narrower votes.


Although I understand the hesitancy to bundle, this is clearly an exception to keep things moving along where all HIPs included were already overwhelmingly supported. I don’t believe this actually sets a bad precedent and am happy to vote in favor of this on-chain vote. Some of the items in this list have been ready to go for some time and there is no reason to delay their rollout in the interest of being overly ceremonious.

This proposal passed with 89% support and 189 total addresses voting. Thank you to everyone who voted.