[RFC] Swingby Skybridge Integration

Hello there,
My name is Sergey aka @iMr.Grey on Discord.
I am a Member and BD Contributor in Swingby DAO.
As suggested by members of Hop Exchange Discord Server, I am posting a proposal below.

On behalf of Swingby DAO we propose to integrate Swingby Skybridge to Hop Exchange

A few words about the protocol:
Swingby is a protocol for moving effortlessly between blockchains without a central custodian.
Swingby’s first product is Skybridge and provides trustless bridges between Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains networks.
Skybridge executes fast token swaps using a secure network of Metanodes that are powered by multi-party computing and layer-2 technology.
Each bridge exists as a Proof-of-Stake network.
Ultimately, this enables users to move a $600bn market cap digital asset like Bitcoin into the $37bn+ DeFi ecosystem, as well as supports the seamless flow of liquidity between blockchains.

Swingby is currently one of the oldest and safest BTC specialized bridges in the entire crypto industry. Swingby’s bridge (Skybridge) has swapped over 7500 BTC’s since its beginning, and it has NEVER experienced a security issue or lost funds.

As mentioned above Swingby Skybridge is a decentralized bridge for bridging BTC to/from WBTC on Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
Other assets and chains can be added.

Integration of the bridge will help Hop Exchange earn more fees by helping BTC users swap their BTC to WBTC from Hop Exchange interface.
We charge a 0.25% fee for a swap, you are free to charge any fee on top of that, and when people bridge WBTC further Hop keeps 100% of the fees.
We also have BTC/WBTC incetives, as well as incentives for Metanode operators.
Hop is welcome to become a Metanode operator and to earn part of our swap fees as well.

Please take a look at Swingby Skybridge App.

Hop will be the first Multi Destination exchange to integrate a Bitcoin to Ethereum bridge.
Incentives for BTC/WBTC staking without IL

No points against.

Happy to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Sorry this is the second thread, I deleted the first one by accident.