RFC: Renewal of the Hop Delegate Incentivization Trial

Hasn’t this already passed? I still don’t think 50% is too high, particularly considering it will take more than two years of consistent participation for any delegate to reach a 1.5x multiplier. We have plenty of time to lower it in future renewals if we’re finding it to be a disincentive to new delegates–I don’t think that’s what will happen though.

I agree with this, too. What is needed at this point to put this in place? It’s now at least two periods of no-pay for delegates.

With it already passing the vote, I think the best course of action would be to run as voted and if there is concern on the multiplier to start a discussion in another thread to adjust the amount going forward. It sounds like from discussion above with @lefterisjp @dybsy @fourpoops for this period the multiplier is starting at 1.0 to avoid giving certain people head starts. (If I’m misunderstanding, let me know. I’ll also add I agree that’s fair to be conservative). So that gives us the benefit of having time to discuss before the next period when a multiplier over 1.0 is actually kicking in.

If that seems fair, I don’t mind making a new thread so the discussion can be more focused.

I’d also note that in fairness to those who support the current formula, the discussion of the multiplier has been open for over a month at this point with no other formulas being presented. Based on the votes and feedback, most seem to have appetite for a multiplier, just varying opinions on the amount and length. The presented multiplier has gotten its fair share of approval, so I’m not totally sure it’s fair to say ‘the final resolution would be to decrease the multiplier’.

I say that remaining 100% open to fleshing out this discussion as I know the formula I presented had the benefit of the inertia that comes with being the first one. I do really want to see other formulas presented, as I’m wondering if we have a situation where hairs are being split over minor variances, say whether it should be 1.5 or 1.4. Or if the escalator should be 0.05 a period instead of 0.1

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Yeah I agree with this. I just noted 150% sounded high to me, but am open to disagreement, definitely never said the vote should be paused, and agreed with Bob before that we could refine the formula as we go.