March/April/May 2023 HIP 4 Delegate Compensation Reporting

Lol clearly you’re right it’s just busywork in some scenarios. I think we can add more nuance to the requirement but I do think it adds value when people are incentivized to contribute to forum discussions though.

@thegreg.eth you are correct, I totally missed the scroll. Thanks for calling that out.

Hey Shane, can you check my address between April 11th and May 10th on the query? I can’t find myself, and I know I had delegated HOP at that period.


I know I’m going to be under 90k anyway, so mostly to bring up as I’m not sure if there is a potential bug for anyone else.

I had a similar issue @Bob-Rossi. Extending the end date out past the problematic period seems to resolve it. Try to June 11. Of course if you’ve reduced the holdings after May 10 then your min value will be lower and not so useful.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried and it just sits at “Loading” with nothign showing up at all.

It’s not a huge deal in the end I guess, I checked my vote history and was never over 90k anyway. But I wanted to bring it up for next month / if anyone else was having issues.

@Bob-Rossi @thegreg.eth I see that the Dune query only shows your delegation if it was updated during that period. The correct values will be used for this cycle and I will update the Dune dashboard for the next cycle so that this issue does not persist.

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The distribution has been made here.